A unique learning program that combines the whole-brain visual learning method of Mind Map® - The Ultimate Thinking Tool, with the activities of My Gym's award winning programs for children aged 4 to 7 years old.

Created by Professor Tony Buzan, Mind Map® is a whole-brain visual learning tool that allows children to learn faster, easier and with more fun! The use of keywords, images, colours, and associative thinking can make learning up to 6 times faster!

This unique Mind Gym Program covers all the bases, and gives your children the following benefits:

How it helps:

Stimulates both sides of the brain

Improves concentration and memory

Encourages part-whole thinking

Teaches Buzan Mind Mapping skills

Improves critical thinking skills

Program details::

2 Hours per session

8 sessions in total

Commencement Date: 3 October, 2020

For kids aged: 4 years to 7 years old

Price: $700 or 16 training credits

We are geared to give your child every advantage they can get in their formative years.